WinCounter for Museums, Art Galleries etc.

It is important to know how many people visit your exhibitions. By mounting sensors or switches at appropriate places in your museum or gallery you can keep track of the days and times your visitors arrived and left.

Counting People

Using WinCounter as a people counter at the entrance to your museum or gallery can give you a valuable insight into the times and volumes of people arriving and leaving. This information provides important data which can be used to determine how effective your facility is at attracting people.
The performance of a museum or gallery is generally not measured by recording sales but is linked to the number of visitors. In many cases there is no charge for entry and there is no easy way to measure how busy you are. WinCounter can give you an accurate record of people entering and leaving your facility which is the best indication of usage.

In some cases funding for a facility is allocated based on usage. If this applies, then it is very important that you have a people counter to give you accurate numbers of visitors.

Staff Rosters

Because WinCounter stores visitor numbers as well as the times of day they visited, you can use the data to determine the weekdays and times you are busy. This information can be used to adjust your staff rosters so you have the appropriate staff to service your visitors at any time.

Portable Sensors

You can use portable sensors or wireless sensors to count visitors to special exhibits. Careful placement of an appropriate sensor can give accurate results of foot traffic past your exhibit. If you only want to see relative counts at different times of the day then a lower priced sensor would be sufficient. If you want a more accurate count then a carefully placed beam sensor or a turnstile arrangement with a switch or beam would be more appropriate.

Keychain Remote Switches

For one off ad-hoc counting you may consider issuing staff with hand held wireless keychain switches that they can use to keep a tally of up to three different events. These switches are popular for use when there is a person stationed at an entry to an exhibit.

See Switches and Sensors for more information on the different ways you can trigger WinCounter